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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your hourly rate?
Every job is individually inspected so you can be given a fixed price including materials, labour and any associated fees (eg dump costs etc). Quotes are free, in writing and fixed.

I found someone through social media who quotes a fixed low hourly rate for any job. Wouldn't that be OK for simple jobs like weeding etc?
Beware of back-yarders or children of friends and neighbours who simply quote a flat hourly rate. Firstly, if they don't have the right equipment or experience, the job can take much longer, making the cheap hourly rate more expensive by job finish. Also, it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that anyone who works on your property has adequate Liability Insurance. Even the simplest of jobs can result in very costly mishaps.
You should also be aware that if you employ a minor (under 18) YOU are liable for their safety. So if they injure themselves whilst working on your property you could be paying restitution for many years to come.
Don't risk it!

Do I have to get a licenced plumber to fix a leaky tap?
Absolutely not! While many people don't feel comfortable fixing leaky taps themselves, it is a fairly simple job for a competent DIYer. Grant can do a full tap service, including quality washers, tap re-seating and spindle clean for much less than a plumber's average call-out fee.

Do you have a Police Clearance?
Yes indeed. Grant's police clearance enables him to work with vulnerable persons (aged persons and children). His regular clients include many retired seniors and he also maintains the grounds and does the property maintenance for a pre-school playgroup.

Do you do house painting?
Touch-ups and minor repairs are done to trade standard using quality name brand materials, however for larger jobs (full rooms and houses) it is recommended you use a full-time trade qualified painter.

How do I know if I need a licenced tradesperson or a handyman?
If in doubt - ask Grant! He will never undertake a job that legally requires a licenced tradesperson, but he is always happy to advise what work may be required, so you don't fall victim to over-servicing or unscrupulous pricing practices.

Got another question? Call Grant on 0407 799 311 or CLICK HERE for a response within 24 hours.